The United States Park Police was created by President George Washington in 1791. It is one of the few full-service police departments in the federal government possessing state, local and federal authority. In addition to performing the normal crime prevention, investigation, and apprehension and functions of an urban police force, the United States Park Police is responsible for policing many of the famous monuments & memorials in the United States. The department also provides protection for the President, the Secretary of the Interior and visiting dignitaries. The United States Park Police has jurisdiction in all Federal parks, roadways, and lands. USPP officers are primarily located in the Washington, DC, New York City, and San Francisco metropolitan areas.

Fallen Officers

William D. Allen, December 12, 1923
William J. Grissam, March 20, 1932
Milo John Kennedy, August 15, 1932
James Francis Grove, January 28, 1933
Carl Hestikind, February 18, 1936
Ivan William Thompson, June 14, 1940
Thomas P Fogarty, August 4, 1941
Joseph E. Shawhan, April 15, 1944
Michael Lawrence Petrella, September 25, 1965
Raymond Leonard Hawkins,February 15, 1972
Ricardo Michael Preston, August 11, 1988
Hakim Azim Farthing, August 10, 2002
Michael Andrew Boehm, December 16, 2011